BEST OF 2015


It’s that time of year again & I can’t quite believe it!

2015 has been a special year for me in many ways:

I finally graduated form the University of Westminster with a BA in Photographic Arts and had an exhibition in London.

 I went full time as a self-employed photographer!

I went to Dublin & New York for the first time, which were super exciting!

Attended my first festival… then went to another one soon after. (Park life, then V Fest)

I celebrated my 4 year anniversary with my love, Jack.

I worked with some awesome musicians, artists, models and I’ve made some amazing new creative friends!

I completed my first ever 52 week project which I will be blogging fully in the next couple of days! (Although some of the images were extremely late, I did it!)

Along with the other life lessons I’ve learnt this year, one really stands out to me and that is to: Be patient.

& finally I was lucky enough to travel the country to photograph the beautiful weddings of some amazing, inspiring people.

I’ve taken the time to pick out some of the best from 2015, and trust me it was hard to narrow down: 

Holly Stones