BEST OF 2016


What an incredible year of weddings.

I’m going to be a little honest in this one, just as a reflection on how much emotion I put into everything I do.

Some say it’s a little too much emotion, often I get people telling me to stop feeling so much. How can I? I get to be a part of weddings that make me feel.

They make me feel, alive.

I’m a dreamer, an emotional dreamer. I put everything into thinking, creating concepts and producing conceptual art. Sometimes I get ahead of myself, in fact, sometimes I fathom worlds that aren’t existing. I’d say that isn’t a bad thing though, what else are we to do in a world that’s so turbulent? …this is where the weddings arrive.

Weddings bring me back down to earth. They expose me to love like I’ve never experienced before. A type of love that only I, as a photographer, can translate into images.

I find it absolutely wonderful that within a ‘job’ that helps me live, I get to experience love from so many different angles.

I’m so connected to the photographs I create, not necessarily for the fact they are photographically ‘correct’ but they ignite a zealousness to deliver a world that only myself and the subject can construct.

& for that,  I am thankful, thankful for everyone who I’ve photographed this year. Thankful for all the brides and grooms that believed in my visions. Thankful for so many wonderful weddings I’ve been lucky enough to capture. Thankful for love that exists.

Thank you.

(Here’s some of my faves from this year!)

Holly Stones