WOW!! We are absolutely blown away with our photos! You captured the day perfectly and we feel like we are reliving the day everytime we look at them. You captured the most amazing candid photos of all our guests as well as of the two of us and our bridal party! You were an absolute pleasure to have with us on the day and we couldn't recommend you enough to anybody getting married! Thank you so much Holly!

Emily & Dayle contacted me last year to photograph their wedding this summer, and I was so glad they did! Emily is a professional ballet dancer (currently in The Phantom of the Opera) and Dayle is a singer/actor who’s played parts in Les Mis, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and more currently Frankie Valli in The Jersey Boys (to name a few). I instantly knew that this wedding would beautiful and very entertaining, I was so excited to be a part of their day.

The morning

I arrived at Great Ote Hall to capture Emily getting ready with her bridesmaids and mum. We had plenty of time so I captured the girls in their robes whilst they drank champagne and got merry. The wedding was taking place in the gardens of Great Ote Hall and as the girls were getting ready in the bridal section of the house it meant that they could see the boys and everyone arriving out of the window.

The outdoor ceremony

The ceremony was beautiful, a little windy but that didn’t stop anyone, it just meant for great photos of the veil in the air! They had their loved ones read poems and readings, one that had the whole wedding party laughing. There was a little mishap with the flower arch though, as it almost came crashing down on them, but luckily Dayle saved the day and grabbed it with one hand before it could reach the pair. DAYLE TO THE RESCUE!

The photos

I had so much fun adventuring around the gardens of Great Ote Hall with the bridal party, the groomsmen and the newly weds. We even managed to get some shots of them in front of sunset across the garden, before they went back to mingling and enjoying their day!

The party

WOW is all I can say! What a FUN day. As you can imagine as actors and performers by trade, Emily & Dayle have a lively bunch of friends and family. It was incredible to watch and capture them busting moves on the dance floor.

The surprise performance from THE JERSEY BOYS

Dayle had secretly told me that him and the boys were going to be doing a special performance, but Emily didn’t know! So I stayed to watch and capture, and I’m so happy I did! It was incredible to be a part of an intimate Jersey Boys performance, and to see Emily’s face when Dayle picked up the mic and joined in with them.

Thank you so much Emily & Dayle for inviting me to capture your day, it was an absolute honour and I had loads of fun! I’m going to leave this here and let you enjoy the images - settle in, its a long one!

Holly Stones