I'm Holly!

I was born and raised in Doncaster, back in the 90's, but I now live in Tunbridge Wells with my boyfriend, Jack. I call both home so I technically have two bases. I am always travelling up and down the country, and you'll probably find me on the A1 at least twice a month!

As you can tell by the images on this page, I'm also very much into fine art/conceptual self portraits and my work is inspired mainly by personal experiences and human interactions.

View my self portraiture work here:

I run a YouTube channel to inspire people to pick up the camera, also capturing my day-to-day journey of self portraiture and photography (including tutorials!), go have a look and see if it tickles your fancy:

I graduated from the University of Westminster in 2015, where I studied a BA in Photographic Arts.

I love skiing and plan to go every year until my body won't let me!

DAY 2.jpg

I'm the organisation queen!! I never used to thrive off it until I met Jack, and now we challenge each other with an 'organise-off' on the weekends! Cool AF.

I love creating props for my self portraiture work and I have a prop room in my house where I store all the props and outfits for my shoots. It's my very own little creative den.

Sometimes me and my Mum go to the cinema and pick the first available film to watch so that we can buy a large popcorn each and not feel guilty. The latest random films we have seen are Despicable Me 3 and Rampage (both average films but we enjoyed the popcorn hahah) The popcorn addiction is real.

My favourite food is a good old Sunday Dinner, I'm a little bit obsessed with Yorkshire puddings and gravy!

My dad was the World Champion in Tae Kwon Do in 1991, my little claim to fame!

I use !!!!!!!!!! too much in my emails, so just bare with me, I don't shout everything I just get waaaaay too over excited.

I love travelling and recently visited Bali and the Philippines. Climbed a volcano and swam with turtles!



As you've read up there ^

I'm very much into the fine art side of photography, documenting the emotional connections and relationships we create as human beings. I'm always emotionally invested in my wedding clients and I love to observe and create from spontaneous & passionate reactions. I want to portray the story of your day through the images, so my favourite way to shoot is to let you do your thaaang. I can then capture the natural and unplanned moments as they unfold. I'm there as a fly on the wall of your day and my goal is to illustrate the fun, the laughter, the breakdowns, the loving glances, the fist pumping and all the fine little details in between!

I am the perfect match for you if you're not afraid to run around in water, corn fields, forests, roll around on hay bales, jump in the sea, use smoke bombs, adventure into the wilderness and run around barefoot to get THE shot, whatever it takes, I will do it! I'm up for bloody everything! LETS HAVE SOME FUN!

<<< *plus* if anyone fancies recreating this image of mine and Jack's 6 year anniversary, then let me know!!