What's your privacy policy?

I am most certainly GDPR compliant, but check out the Privacy Policy page for more information.


Can we meet you before hand? 

ABSOLUTELY! My aim with every couple is to get to know them as much as I can so that I can deliver exactly what they want. The key to capturing your special day so personally is to get to know one another before! I offer a down to earth, personal approach, and if you want to send me endless pinterest boards of inspiration, go ahead! 


How long do we have to wait for our photographs?

This all depends on the volume of work I have at any particular time, but as I put so much effort and time into each individual image, I aim to have your images with you within 4-6 weeks. (Probably a bit before that but that's a guide mainly for the busier times.)


How much is the deposit, and how do we secure the date?

The deposit is 30% of the chosen package to be paid at the time of signing the contract. The rest of the payment is due 2 weeks (14 days) before your wedding day. Once this has been paid along with the booking form and contract signed, I'm all yours!


Do you cover international/destination weddings?

Of course I do! My prices for destinations are the same as the UK, plus travel, accomodation and expenses cost apply. 


Do you require a meal at the reception?

I don't know about you, but I love food. Photography can get tiring and my belly will give me a little nudge to say 'feed me' , as anyone's would after a long day of working. So in other words, yes I would love a meal at the reception, it doesnt have to be fancy or anything special just something to keep me going through the night.


How long have you been shooting weddings?

I started my wedding journey in June 2013, I then bagged my first destination wedding (which was my second wedding of all time!) in May 2014, and I've been photographing them ever since!


We feel as though we might be awkward and nervous in front of the camera, will you help us?

You really don't have to worry about this, I'm there to capture your day as naturally as it happens. I want to capture the moments you don't notice. The looks, the touches, the feelings. I'm a top secret snapper and I'll descreetly be captuing all those inbetween split second images.


Are you insured?

Certainly, I have full business and equipment insurance with Policy Bee. Including personal indemnity and public liability.


Can we print our photos?

Yesssss! Print away!


How many photos do we get and how do we receive them?

I aim to deliver between 400-800 images of your day. You will receive the in an online gallery where you can download all the high resolution images, you will also get a USB with them all on too. 


What if you get ill on the day and are unable to photograph our day?

I rarely get ill (finds wood to touch), but if for some unforseen circumstances something bad happens to me, I'm part of multiple networks of emergency wedding photographs who will be able to cover your day. (I couldn't live with the idea of leaving you stranded, so it just aint gonna happen!)


We want to share them to the world (of social media), is this okay?

Of course!! Share away, the only thing I ask when sharing on social media, is to be credited with 'Holly Rose Photography' and a cheeky link to this website www.hollyrose.co.uk, thank you!

I own the full copyright to the images so no re-edits or selling them on. If you have any queries about this, let me know and we can chat! :)


Do you work with back-up cameras?

I have two cameras which I work with simultaneously usually, so if one died it wouldnt make a difference! I bring along several lenses too so don't worry about a thing :D


We would love for you to photograph our wedding, how do we go about booking you?

If you could send me an email to: hello@hollyrose.co.uk or via the contact form, here. Then I will get you to read through and sign the contract and send over the deposit and voila! I'm yours! (All depending on my availablity of course!)


Any more questions? Ask away!!